Frequently Asked Questions

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 Using SimpliReso

Can I edit the templates?

Sure! Simply open the document in MS Word and type into it. You can use a template as many times as you need.

Can I save a document in MS Word format?

Yes! Simply use the “File > Save As” function of the word processor you are using.

Can I save a document in PDF format?

Absolutely! Depending on the type of word processor you use, you can use the “File > Save As” function to save the document as (.pdf) file.

How do I customise a template?

You can customise a template by directing typing onto it.

Fields requiring input are easily identified by fields in [square brackets] and appears in blue bounded boxes when you mouse over it.

You may sometimes find that some clauses do not apply to your situation. You may delete them or modify them as appropriate. However, please ensure that the deletions or modifications do not affect the validity and structure (sequencing) of the resolutions.

Is an internet connection required?


Not at all.

You do require Internet connection to download the templates for the first time. However, once the templates have been downloaded, all the templates will be accessible from your computer’s hard drive, or whichever device you have saved in, without requiring an Internet connection.

How to save or print a document?


You can save or print a document using “File > Save” or “File > Print” in your word processor’s menu.

If you do not see the MS Word file menu that would allow you to select “Print”, simply place your cursor anywhere in the document and hit the “Ctrl” key and the “P” key at the same time to bring up the print window.

Do I need MS Word to use SimpliReso?

Yes. Templates provided by SimpliReso is best used with MS Word.

What are the system requirements to use SimpliReso?

There are no specific system requirements to use SimpliReso. Simply access the templates usign MS Word.



 Buying SimpliReso

How do I download SimpliReso templates after making payment?

Once your payment is processed, your download link will be sent to you immediately so that you are able to download and start using the templates.

What does my purchase of SimpliReso include?

You can either purchase the bundled suites (SimpliReso Basic, Value or Premium) or the individual categories of templates.

Either way, you will have access to template resolutions, forms and checklists related to the category you purchased. You will see the complete list of templates when you click on each category in our e-shop.



 General Questions

What is the difference between Basic, Value and Premium Suites?

SimpliReso Basic, Value or Premium Suite includes template resolutions, forms and checklists for the various categories which we had bundled together. The 3 Suites had been designed for different types of companies based on our experience. The difference between the 3 SimpliReso Suites is mainly the range of templates included.

SimpliReso Basic Suite is catered for companies which are relatively dormant in nature.

SimpliReso Value Suite contains a collection of templates which a typical active company would likely be required to use.

SimpliReso Premium Suite is the most comprehensive collection of templates which caters for non-routine corporate actions.

The functionality of the templates across all SimpliReso Suites are the same.

Are the documents legal? Who are the authors?

All templates contained in SimpliReso are legally valid and have been written and used by lawyers, corporate secretarial service providers, business professionals or consultants for many companies.

Can I use SimpliReso for companies incorporated outside Singapore?

Yes. Although the templates are designed with Singapore-incoporated companies in mind, the template resolutions in SimpliReso are “general” rather than specific. In most cases, the templates will require only minor customisation – these do-it-yourself templates were created to fit general business needs, with little impact arising from the country(ies) or industry(ies) you operate in.

Will I need to pay renewal fees for using SimpliReso?

No. SimpliReso is not a subscription-based product. It is a one-time purchase.

Will SimpliReso add new templates?

SimpliReso is an evolving product.

Our library grows every day thanks to the comments and requests made by users like you. We welcome and appreciate your feedback and do our best to add the most requested template resolutions. If you have yet to find what you are looking for, feel free to suggest a template resolution.

Are the documents accessed online or offline on my computer?

Once the templates are downloaded onto your computer, they can be accessed any time offline on your computer. They are yours to keep without paying any monthly or subscription fees.

Can I use SimpliReso on tablets and phones?

Yes, as long as your mobile device is installed with word processors to access MS Word documents. However, the templates are best used/viewed using a desktop or laptop for full functionality.

Do you offer SimpliReso in other languages?