Update Changes in Company Officers and their Particulars

Do you know that your Company is required to update the Accounting and Regulatory Authority (“ACRA“) via Bizfile within 14 days if there is a change in your Company’s officers i.e. appointment and cessation of directors, company secretaries, auditors and CEO? In addition, it is also required to update changes in the particulars of your Company officers with ACRA within the same timeframe.


  • Name
  • Identification type
  • Identification number
  • Land/fixed line number
  • Mobile number
  • E-mail address
  • Residential address

There is no fee to file these changes.


Company officers i.e. Directors, Company Secretaries and CEOs can apply for an alternate address anytime for a fee of $40. The alternate address will be displayed in public records instead of the residential address. Take note that the alternate address must be a valid address where the company officer resides and can be contacted, and must be within the same jurisdiction as their residential address. It must not be a P.O. box address nor an office address.

We want to highlight that the alternate address applies to company officers only. This means that the alternate address of company officers will be reflected in public records such as company business profile, Register of Directors, Register of Secretaries, Register of CEOs.

However, if the Company officer is also a shareholder of your Company. The electronic Register of Members (“EROM“), which is maintained by ACRA, will reflect the residential address instead of the alternate address. When we furnish or change particulars of shareholders, you will notice that we can only provide residential address (for indvidual shareholder) or registered office address (for corporate shareholder), and not alternate address.


The following are instances of updates which are required to be lodged with ACRA, but frequently overlooked: –

  • Changes in passport numbers, especially of foreign directors.
  • Changes in residential address, especially of employment pass holders.
  • Cessation of directors, especially those who are disqualified by the Court or ACRA.

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