Business Name Alert Service

Do you know ACRA has launched a new service – Business Name Alert Service – on 11 February 2020?

What this means is that as a business owner, you no longer need to conduct company name checks manually via directory searches on BizFile+ portal. This service is especially useful if you have already established a brand name or registered a trademark, and wish to be notified when there is another business entity which has a name that is similar to your Company’s.


The Business Name Alert Service allows you as a business owner to monitor specific business names which may be similar to your registered trademarks, brand names, registered business names etc. 


The Business Name Alert Service cannot be used as the basis for name complaints, if you have a dispute about business names which are similar to your business entity.

The Business Name Alert Service or submission of a name complaint to ACRA do not serve to protect or enforce intellectual property rights subsiding in registered business names. Registering a business name does not equate to registration of a trademark.

The Business Name Alert Service is not a real-time alert service.


Any authorised officer (e.g. director or company secretary) of your business entity or registered filing agent authorised to file on behalf of your business entity can subscribe to the Business Name Alert Service.

Simply go to BizFile+ portal > File eServices > Others > Name Alert Service.

You may monitor specific business names by specifying up to 10 business names and edit them anytime via the Business Name Alert Service. For example, if you have entered ‘XYZ Advisory Services’ as one of the names to monitor under this service, you will receive an email at the end of the month if the exact business name ‘XYZ Advisory Services’ has been registered with ACRA. You may exclude suffixes such as ‘Private’ and ‘Limited’ in the list of business names for tracking.

The Business Name Alert Service is free and each subscription is valid for three years. You can unsubscribe at any time.


You can use only one email account to receive the name alert emails. You can choose to use the same email account that is already registered with ACRA.

Once you subscribe to the Business Name Alert Service, an email will be sent to you on the last day of every month. The email will set out a list of ‘live’ business entities registered or incorporated with ACRA, if any, over the past 12 months that matches the business names entered by you at the point of subscription.

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